Trading in the financial markets

Trading in the financial markets is a very lucrative activity. With the right approach a trader:

  • making high profits;
  • grows professionally;
  • working with interest;
  • is independent of the bosses and colleagues;
  • decide yourself when and where you want to work.


Our features:

  • rapid implementation of transactions;
  • popular and reliable trading platform MetaTrader;
  • slippage is minimized;
  • maximum number of trading instruments;
  • free high quality analytical support;
  • minimum re-quotes (refusal);
  • constant spread;
  • customer support 24 hours a day.

Trading Conditions

TeleTrade offers its clients two account types based on their trading strategy and trading style – a fixed spread account 'Standard' and a market spread account 'Professional'.


The main advantage of this account type is the fixed spread and the execution of orders at the client's price guaranteed, which enables our clients to manage trading more effectively: forecast profits with greater accuracy and calculate real expenses of executing operations, regardless of the market situation (even under conditions of high volatility or low market liquidity).

A fixed spread is formed as a result of the company setting the ask price and bid price of trading instruments based on the weighted average price, which is calculated based on quotes provided by major banks, also taking into account the fixed mark-up.

Characteristics of MT4 Standard more.


The key feature of this account type is the floating spread and high-speed execution of client orders at the market price. Client orders are processed at the best market prices from major banks, provided by liquidity providers, which is a big advantage for trading when it is a quiet market with spreads being minimal. And when it is a high volatility market (for example, when significant macroeconomic news releases being published) spreads can widen considerably in the short term.

A floating spread is formed by the market. Ask and bid prices of trading instruments from major banks are brought to the company's clients directly by liquidity providers (via the trading terminal) and are the best offers available in the market at that particular moment. Thus, the company is not involved in the price formation – all client trading orders are directed straight to the market, for that reason orders are processed at the highest speed possible.

Characteristics of MT4 Professional more.

Regulatory Documents

The whole process of interaction Group of Companies TeleTrade is regulated by model documents

Contract (PDF)

The agreement contains the rules of cooperation and customer Group of Companies TeleTrade. It defines responsibilities of the parties to fulfill their obligations.

download pdf contract

Quoting regulations (PDF)

Regulation establishes:

  • the terms used in commercial transactions of the client;
  • principles of Margin Trading;
  • rules for opening / closing positions, placement / removal, modification and execution of pending orders;
  • the client authorization procedure and the procedure for logging operations of the Client Trading MetaTrader 4;
  • procedure for settling disputes, etc.
download pdf Quoting regulations


Before you start to trade, please review these documents. If you have any questions, you can ask for an explanation in any convenient manner.